Building Peace Through the Power of Technology – International Alert’s #peacehack combines bright heads to solve today’s big problems

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and our earth is no different. Each and every day we are developing new technologies, new perspectives, and new ways to advance ourselves. And much like our children, our world is dependent on us to lead it down the right path. International Alert, a leading[…]

#PeaceHack: Hacking to improve immigrant and refugee settlement

On November 25 and 26 at the HiVE, PeaceGeeks and Simon Fraser University (SFU) brought hacking from the tech world into the community, with an event aimed to address pressing issues confronting immigrant and refugee settlement in Greater Vancouver. For anyone familiar with the term ‘hackathon,’ an image of caffeine-fueled programmers huddled intensely around computer[…]

Hack the Camp: Ένας δημιουργικός μαραθώνιος με ανθρωπιστικό σκοπό

Παρακολουθήσαμε τον hackathon στη Διπλάρειο Σχολή που φιλοδοξεί να δώσει τεχνοκρατικές λύσεις στα προβλήματα του προσφυγικού με την ενεργή συμμετοχή των ίδιων των προσφύγων. 06.11.2016 Φωτογραφίες: Γεράσιμος Δομένικος / FOSPHOTOS Το Hack the Camp δεν είναι κάτι συνηθισμένο. Είναι ένας hackathon, μια συγκέντρωση δηλαδή προγραμματιστών, ειδικών περί λογισμικού και άλλων που καταχρηστικά αποκαλούμε “hackers” που προσπαθούν δουλεύοντας εντατικά[…]

#HackTheCamp: A hackathon ready to provide the refugee crisis with solutions

How can we improve living conditions for refugees? How can the access reliable information on their legal status?What kind of apart unities are available or can be created for refugees? How can we tap on the many skills that moving populations bring with them? How can populations in transit and local populations come closer and[…]

Hate Speech Plugin Gives Internet Trolls a Chance to Pause

Hate Speech Blocker is a new browser plugin that tackles the complex problem of online hate speech without blurring the line between freedom of speech and censorship. Call it a spellchecker, of sorts – for hate. Typically, online hate spammers that get caught venting their anger on unsuspecting victims could end up with their social[…]