Morning Pitches at #peacehackLDN

Morning’s pitches so far:


App to request evidence on hate speech posting
Choose your own adventure’ tool based on cartoon guidance on how to respond to hate speech with characters and scenarios to help fight hate speech
Emojifies type tool to suggest changing hateful words ‘why don’t you use this other word instead?’ with positive messaging pop ups on identified groups / communities
browser plugin for preventive pop ups across twitter / facebook / reddit to warn ‘this is offensive’ plus educational video/written content – for schools and workplace
app to automatically and anonymously label ppls’ actions on social media – charities would be able to connect with users.
fun anime characters pop up in response to hate speech post ‘hey man, why all this hate?’
Positive points for positive comments – community award positive points to each other – moderated negative points. Positive points means rewards!

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