Ideas recap – more to come: Day 2 #peacehackLDN

We’re recapping on problem statements and ideas from last night. Ideas so far:

App to identify and tag ppl as victims and bullies
Twitter analysis apis to discover and analyse hate speech
App to identify ppl with different views and invite them to safe dialogue
Opinion-ometer to search and rate opinions
Blocking system – to lift block learn and quiz on culture you’ve been hateful to
Algorithm to uprate positive online news comments and downrate negative
Swearbox app
Reverse twitter recommends ppl who are completely different to you
Pop up on phone ‘do you really want to send this tweet / facebook post etc?’
App to add visual content to show who you are offending before you post
Chatbot responds to you posting hate speech to give you other ppl’s opinions on topic
Preventive visual content based on your social media profile
Facebook group dedicated to responding to hate speech with friendly respectful disagreement
Tastebuds – recommends ppl with different profile but similar music tastes
algorithm to find commonality to connect ppl in new ways
Natural Language Processing – electronic listening billboard – ‘why hate speech?’ why not do this instead?
Guardian everyday sexism project – but with hate speech
Games connect ppl but only reveal profile, gender, ethnicity etc after you’ve played together
Don’t hate appreciate’ app to change negative words to positive
Turn around blocking – tag ppl who are constructive or supportive
Heat map to locate where the love is
Flow chart to show what to do to respond to online hate speech
Random pop ups positive role models on social media


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