Hacking the hack and winners at #peacehackZRH

At #peacehackZRH hosted by the Build Peace conference in Zurich, developers worked on problem statements provided by the Build Peace Fellows.

We hacked the hack this time – shifting our usual structure of separate teams competing – as the developers were keen to work on all three problem statements. They worked together in 3 hour coding “sprints” and regular collaboration and feedback with the peacebuilders.

The solutions they came up with were pretty diverse, including a simple to use application to visualize Excel information for the Participatory Analysis Platform; a simple budgeting game, based on the Tinder interface, for the e-participatory budgeting project and a super cool rumour tracker based on the Reddit idea of up / down-voting to simply validate rumours, with live chat for the closed user group and real-time updates of data. And plenty of cat pictures too. After much deliberation, the judges decided to award first prize to the participatory budgeting game app for Colombia!

There was amazing collaboration with the peacebuilders and technologists working together – exciting to see their combined problem-solving skills and thorough methodological approach in action. Both Build Peace fellows and developers were keen to continue working on the solutions post-hack and we’ll keep you updated on progress.

Peacehackers and Fellows in perfect harmony at #peacehackZRH

Peacehackers and Fellows in perfect harmony at #peacehackZRH


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