#peacehackHAG results

P1000472Yesterday we kicked off our #peacehack 2016 edition as part of Big Data for peace and justice summer school, run by the University of Leiden and the Centre for Innovation. We did a “#peacehack lite” afternoon ideation session with a focus around countering online hate speech. As we had to condense a 36 hour hack down to a 4 hour session, the aim was mainly to come up with concepts and ideas which we can play forward to the other hacks in the series this year.

The ideas that came out from the hack were:
Words count – a targeted messaging campaign to counter hate speech, identifying what trends and demographics were there to shape outreach.
City of Love – an app which uses publicly accessible data streams (e.g. Twitter) to identify the level of “hate speech” in your local area and an option to link you with local community groups to “report” examples.
Love first – an algorithm aimed at comments in online news media, sorting and weighting positive comments to make them “float” more to the top of comment threads.
MeowNow – a bot which is uses the hatebase database data to detect hatespeech, and to automatically insert posts with counter messages (using cats as an example!)
Hate speech decision engine – detect hate speech using machine learning, categorise it and respond accordingly with pre-determined messages
Comments hate speech – automated comment approval platform. Web comments can be analysed for hate speech before it’s approved and hateful comments could be actioned by administrators.

P1000500The overall winner of this hack was the “Comments hate speech”, but all of the ideas have elements that can be played forward to future hacks, and the fact they only had 4 hours to come up with these ideas and formulated them in some depth is a real credit to the participants!

#peacehackHAG winners and the obligatory winners photo!

#peacehackHAG winners and the obligatory winners photo!

We’ve uploaded the videos of the pitches, so you can judge for yourselves which ones would be your winners. – you can watch them below

Many thanks to Centre for Innovation and the Governance and Global Affairs department of the University of Leiden for asking us to come and hack with them – a most enjoyable and inspiring start to the series.  And of course a huge thank you to the wonderful participants! We hope you enjoyed the hack as much as we did!

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