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Why #peacehack?

What makes #peacehack special?

#peacehack actively brings the two distinct worlds of technology and peacebuilding together for good

Value for money

#peacehack can create new products and long lasting relationships for relatively little outlay

Global reach

Using technology available across the world, what comes out of a #peacehack could be used in various contexts around the world


Our #peacehacks welcome anyone regardless of ethnic and social background and can happen virtually anywhere

About us

What is #peacehack all about?
..brings designers, developers and practitioners together to build peace.

The aim of a #peacehack is to bring people with different skills from different background to come together and build something to address real issues preventing peace around the world. We see that by using technology we can create opportunities for people around the globe to communicate, participate and improve conditions for peace.

#peacehack is an initiative by International Alert. International Alert works with people directly affected by conflict to build lasting peace. Together, we believe peace is within our power. We focus on solving the root causes of conflict, bringing together people from across divides. From the grassroots to policy level, we cometogether to build everyday peace.

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Dedicated to making a difference using technology, our team brings in diverse experience
Dan Marsh
Dan Marsh
Head of IT at The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), Chief Chirpa and #peacehack co-founder
Dan lives and breaths technology and peacebuilding. He’ll speak about anything from #peacehacks to big data. He brings with him 20 years of experience of infrastructure for UK charities as well as providing expertise through talks and blogs.
Manager, AOP and #peacehack co-founder
Andy is the “Hands-on” member of the team, dealing with logistics and bringing it all together. He also builds websites (like this one). After 10 years in education, he’s spent the next 10 advocating for technology in all aspects of life, as well as passionately supporting Sutton United F.C.
Co-Director, Build Up and #peacehack advocate
Peacebuilding practitioner, focusing on innovation design and technology-enabled programs to promote peace, support civic engagement and prevent conflict. She has worked on projects with non-governmental and United Nations agencies in conflict and post-conflict environments.
Lead developer and ideas cosmonaut
Our coding guru, Alan knows PHP, CakePHP, Magento, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, Mootools, HTML5, CSS inside out. He’s provides the wacky ideas. He’s also great to have a beer with!
catherine Dempsey
catherine Dempsey
Business development and partnerships
Catherine provides support and advice in getting partners on board and involved with #peacehack.
Jo Robinson
Jo Robinson
Technology and Peacebuilding Advisor
Jo provides us with in-depth peacebuilding expertise, especially social accountability. Her experience includes the Overseas Development Institute and the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction, as well as working across programmes at International Alert.
Ayan Kishore
Ayan Kishore
Senior Associate, Technology for Development, Technology entrepreneur
Ayan works across divisions in appropriately and innovatively using technology and is passionate about hacks and e-learning.

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#peacehack is an initiative by International Alert

International Alert works with people directly Together, we believe peace is within our power.

We focus on solving the root causes of conflict, bringing together people from across divides. From the grassroots to policy level, we come together to build everyday peace.